Viking Yachts

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Viking Yachts

A Tradition of Unrivaled Quality

Viking is the preeminent brand in luxury sportsfishing yachts, universally recognized for their performance, tournament pedigree, styling and lavish comforts. For generations, Viking Yachts has celebrated the sea by creating some of the world's finest convertible yachts, enclosed bridge yachts and open yachts.

Viking Yachts set the standard for excellence; then constantly explore advancements in design, craftsmanship and performance. The company's exacting standards are reflected in their legendary manufacturing capabilities. To assure optimal quality, Viking Yachts closely scrutinizes every detail of the building process from initial design to finished yacht. In fact, they produce 90 percent of each boat in their 810,000 square-foot manufacturing facility on the Bass River near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The company operates a service center in Riviera Beach, Florida, near the Palm Beach inlet, which handles warranty, fiberglass and running gear repairs. Staffed by factory-trained professionals, Viking Yachts is the only manufacturer to provide its owners with a convenient satellite facility.

Family owned and operated, brothers Bob and Bill Healey founded Viking Yachts in 1964. Their impact extends well beyond the company. The brothers have been recognized by their peers and inducted into the National Marine Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame for their selfless contributions to the entire recreational marine industry. In addition, they are instrumental in the leadership of The Recreational Fishing Alliance, a national, grassroots political action organization representing recreational fishermen and the recreational fishing industry on marine fisheries issues.

The company's tradition is to "Lead, Not Follow." From technical advancements like underwater exhaust systems and tank testing to designer touches like curved doorways and exquisite joinery, Vikings Yachts are the essence of personal luxury and seagoing excellence. HMY Yachts is proud to be a worldwide leader in the Viking dealer network.

HMY Yachts offers the complete Viking Yachts product line.

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2016 66' Viking Convertible

2016 66' Viking Convertible
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2016 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge

2016 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge
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2014 42' Viking Open2014 42' Viking Open

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66' Viking Enclosed Bridge66' Viking Enclosed Bridge

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82' Viking Enclosed Bridge82' Viking Enclosed Bridge
92' Viking Enclosed Bridge92' Viking Enclosed Bridge


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