Princess Yachts


Princess Yachts

The Princess name has become synonymous with all that is the finest in luxury motor yacht design. Indeed, as part of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) family, the company shares a lineage with quintessential brands of distinction like DeBeers, Dom Pérignon, Fendi and Givenchy.

Princess Yachts is headquartered out of its industry-leading facilities in Plymouth, England, and is exclusively distributed by Viking Sport Cruisers in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The benefit to owners is the enjoyment of the European elegance of Princess.

Since their first launch in 1965, Princess Yachts has been quietly rewriting the rules of luxury cruising. From the legendary Flybridge range and thrilling V-Class sports yachts, to the long-range Motor Yachts and groundbreaking M-Class superyachts -- all are unmistakably Princess.

Based in one of the most advanced marine manufacturing facilities in the world, the company has built its reputation on quality, strength and integrity of design and production. Every Princess is a perfect balance of style and substance, combining tradition and innovation, creativity and cutting-edge design.

HMY Yachts offers the complete Princess product line.

NEW Princess Flybridge Motor Yachts For Sale

Princess 42 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 42

Princess 52 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 52

Princess 56 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 56

Princess 60 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 60

Princess 64 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 64

Princess 72 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 72

Princess 82 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 82

Princess 88 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 88

Princess 98 FlybridgePrincess Flybridge 98


NEW Princess M ClassYachts For Sale

Princess 32MPrincess 32M

Princess 40MPrincess 40M


NEW Princess V Class Sport Yachts For Sale

Princess V Class 39Princess V39

Princess V Class 42Princess V42

Princess V Class 45Princess V45

Princess V Class 48Princess V48

Princess V Class 52Princess V52

Princess V Class 57Princess V57

Princess V Class 62Princess V62-S

Princess V Class 72Princess V72

Princess V Class 78Princess V78

Princess V Class 85-SPrincess V85-S